KC is a college recruiting video service provider specializing in sports highlight video, sports skills video and video editing services for high school student-athletes that are competing for college athletic scholarships. We work closely with coaches, parents, and students to produce the highest quality college recruiting video for our clients.

Utilizing the latest tools, KC produces your college recruiting video from beginning to end to maximize visibility on the Internet.  In addition, we thoroughly employ YouTube’s built-in tools to produce excellent organic returns. As a result, our college recruiting videos consistently show high up in Google and YouTube searches.


Games are posted to YouTube and can be shared with college coaches or have us create highlights for recruiting purposes.

College Recruiting Services

Video & Photo

Our films & photographs all of our events with HD capable cameras to ensure the highest quality college recruiting videos our clients. KC films and photographs both indoor and outdoor sports and multiple types of sports.


We like our footage the best, but we can't be everywhere everytime. Therefore, we also create recruiting videos for clients that supply their own footage or that license video by other providers. We utilize additional software so your athlete stands out on screen as seen in on our videos.


All of our college recruiting highlight videos and skills videos are published on YouTube. We extensively use YouTube's built-in features to increase search visibility so college coaches can find you on the web. 

Social Media

In addition to YouTube, we share all highlight videos and skills videos to social platforms to increase visibility on the Internet.  Our service also includes a short 2-5 clip highlight video that we post to Instagram.

Package Pricing to Come Soon!