Keeper Culture 202 GK Summer Camp Extravaganza C19 Special July 6-10
Keeper Culture

Keeper Culture 202 GK Summer Camp Extravaganza C19 Special July 6-10

So here we go. We are going to do our first Summer Camp July 6-10.  We are waiting to see how return to play unfolds but we would be abiding by all C19 protocol.  Each player would be doing self training in their own section. Imagine all keepers in a 15x15 square with a rebounder, mini net and 5 soccer balls.  Coach would be in the middle of the giant square formed by a perimeter of The players 15x15 Squares.. hello Keepercise!! Camp would be 2 1/2 hours because this will be intense and a ton of work. Also if I have to spend 3 hours a day with kids that aren’t mine I might go bonkers ( joking but...)

groups would be small, max 12 or so. Also each players rebounder would be available to buy after the camp. They are amazing but like all good things well made they are on the higher end. Here is a link. They would be less then seen here but i can confirm pricing yet.

Here is the link:


there is a bunch of gear for sale as always at camps too. any question let me know. we will look to do 1 more during the summer. Maybe even 2 more depending on demand. 

Time: 9:00am-11:30

Field: TBD but hoping for Braefoot but no info until we know more on opening

Ages: 8-21 Because each keeper is working in their own area age spectrum of the group is irrelevant. 

Cost: $3 Million but will accept $250 - (a little more due to cost to sanitize and lack of scaling )

Rebounder: looking around $400 CAD, so munch cheaper then USD pricing and even brought right to you.